Protestors on Hillbottom Road


This started on a message board for Wycombe Wanderers FC supporters. There are a number of fans who do not want to lose our ground or even worse potentially lose our football team.

We have quickly seen that there are other groups, clubs and businesses that are also strongly against this and together we can be stronger.

The move already seems to be a done deal. We are trying to stop this through all the proper channels available to us. With the diversity of people who have an opinion we hope that people will freely give their expertise towards helping all of us.

Questions have been raised over how this development will be funded and no credible answers to date have been received.

The cost of this could be our beloved Wycombe Wanderers which we are not prepared to allow and take laying down.

We want you to join in. Help however you can. This can be in time, support, attendance at meetings, printing, fund raising or in any other way.

We are not a group just for football fans, we just started with that in common. We want you to join us.

Thanks for reading

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